Poker Out Loud

Solve For Why’s flagship series Poker Out Loud provides a unique and entertaining approach to studying the game. With real-time thoughts from top-level pros at every decision point, Poker Out Loud provides insight into the game like you’ve never seen before.
What is Solve For Why TV's Poker Out Loud? Featuring Kelly.
What is Solve For Why TV's Poker Out Loud? Featuring Chewy.

What is Poker Out Loud?

Poker Out Loud is an innovative, advanced poker training series, available exclusively at Solve For Why TV.

We put top poker professionals together at the table and equip them all with noise-canceling headphones. At every significant decision point, each player talks through their entire thought process before acting, so you get a complete understanding of their poker strategy at every move.

See The Full Picture,
And All The Tough Spots

Poker Out Loud shows you every hand that is played, so you are exposed to all types of scenarios. From tough folds to big bluffs, and everything in between, you are constantly provided with in-depth learning opportunities for a variety of situations.

Next-Level Poker Training

A Unique Perspective to Advanced Poker Training

The beauty of the Poker Out Loud format is that it allows you to get inside the minds of top-tier players.

Step 1

Find out how your current poker strategy stacks up against that of the pros.

Step 2

Compare your thought processes and decision making to theirs. Learn where you fall short, and what you can improve.

Step 3

See all the variables you’ve been missing and discover poker strategies that you didn’t know existed.
Know what the Poker pros know with Poker Out Loud by Solve For Why TV

Know What The Pros Know

Want to know how you should be thinking about every decision?

Get in-the-moment thoughts from Matt Berkey, Christian Soto, Jesse Sylvia, Andrew “Chewy” Lichtenberger, Brent Hanks, Nick Howard, Kelly Minkin, and more, as they compete against each other. Understand all that goes into playing poker at the highest level.

Hear All Sides Of The Story

Poker Out Loud separates itself from other training material by allowing you to hear the strategies, assumptions, and decisions of all players in the hand.
Solve For Why TV - Poker Out Loud - A New Spin

A New Spin

Most other poker content is heavily centered around one person’s perspective. This leads to a lot of guesswork when it comes to the opponents’ thought processes.
Solve For Why TV - Poker Out Loud - Dueling Perspectives

Dueling Perspectives

When you can get inside each player’s mindset, you get the full outlook of poker strategy. See where you and the pros may differ, and where they may differ from each other.
Solve For Why TV - Poker Out Loud - A Better Approach

A Better Approach

This holistic way of studying poker will lead to a better understanding of the game. See what strategies are most effective, and then incorporate them into your game.

Finally, A Fun Way To Study

Poker Out Loud will add some fun and enjoyment to your poker education. Through entertaining characters and table banter, we’re taking the boredom out of poker studying.
Poker Out Loud by Solve For Why TV is a fun way to study Poker

Top-Level Production

Solve For Why’s production team is unmatched in the poker industry, and it will show in Poker Out Loud. We’ve taken great strides to provide you with a unique, entertaining, and well-produced series.

A Fresh, New Approach

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