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Founded by high-stakes pro Matt Berkey, Solve For Why TV is a poker training site unlike any other. We will teach you how to think about the game and equip you with all the necessary tools to set you on the path towards poker domination.
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With 100’s of videos available, we focus on presenting material in an efficient and logical manner, so you can easily see where to start, and what path to take.

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Our specialty is the live poker arena, where our advanced strategies will allow you to beat high-stakes cash games and tournaments.

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With the best production team in the business, we produce high-quality content that will enhance your overall poker training experience.

Get more out of your Poker studying with Solve For Why TV
Poker studying with Solve For Why TV

Get More Out Of Your Poker Studying

Are you feeling lost in your quest for poker success?

Solve For Why TV can set you on the right path. We cover all essential aspects of poker strategy, from preflop mechanics to advanced GTO principles, but we do so in a way that makes it easy for you to know how to proceed from one concept to the next.

No Mystery, Just A
Well-Constructed Plan

We aren’t going to provide you with any gimmicks, tricks, or magical solutions to become a high-stakes poker prodigy overnight. Instead, we will give you advanced poker tips and teach you strategies to maximize your win-rate and consistently grow your game.

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At Solve For Why TV, we focus on the idea that strategies need to be fully learned and understood, in order to be properly applied in real-time decisions. As our name implies, we focus on WHY certain strategies and thought processes are effective or ineffective.


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Highlights of Solve For Why TV

Aside from unlimited access to all the poker training videos on our site, here are some of the additional benefits of becoming a member of Solve For Why TV.

Solve For Why TV - Guided Training

Guided Training

No matter what your poker skill level is, we have a path for you. You don’t have to worry about being left behind, or progressing at an uncomfortable pace.

Solve For Why TV - Poker Out Loud

Poker Out Loud

Our flagship poker series, Poker Out Loud is a rare blend of entertainment and high-level poker analysis. Its unique format makes it a must-watch.

Solve For Why TV - Monthly Mastermind

Monthly Mastermind

Get access to top-level poker coaching with our Monthly Mastermind webinar series, where you’ll get up-to-date poker strategies, and can ask questions along the way.

Solve For Why TV - Slack Community

Slack Community

Members of Solve For Why TV are invited to join our exclusive Slack channel, where you can participate in poker discussions with other S4Y members and coaches.

Don’t Fall Behind The Curve

Let Solve For Why TV help you turn your passion for poker into a winning proposition.

Nicholas Ronyecz

They hammered home the concept of ICM during the Academy which helped me during big decisions at the final table of the Golden Nugget $250k. With a little luck, I was able to run over the table and take the victory for about $95,000. This happened about two weeks after taking the MTT Academy. I’m glad I finally decided to pull the trigger and be a part of this community.

Total Earnings :  

Michael Haag

Post-Academy, I decided to jump stakes and have been playing $5/$10 and $10/$20 with great, consistent results… I no longer feel intimidated or out of my league. I go into every session now with confidence, and I am prepared to face any challenges that come my way. If/when I make mistakes, I know how to correct them.

Total Earnings :  

Nauvneel Kashyap

There is nothing like this in the market for poker training. Since I signed up I’ve had some excellent results, which include 2nd in a fairly tough $5k High-Roller for $50,000. I also won the $1,650 buy-in main event at the Crown Poker Championships for $123,000. I won my first-ever WPT title, taking down the $2,200 Main Event at WPT Auckland for $169,200.

Total Earnings :  

Maximize Your Poker Potential

You are just one step away from finally taking your poker career seriously, and getting the educational foundation that is necessary to succeed in today’s games.