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Our monthly courses cover a variety of advanced poker strategy topics. Our elite coaches dig deep into the material, to be able to clearly present it to our students.

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Preflop Wars: A Comprehensive Guide to 3-Betting and 4-Betting

All Hands Revealed by Matt Berkey

Concepts In Action by Christian Soto

Tuesday Showdown Tournament Review

RESILIENCE: Transitioning to Online Poker and Beyond with Jason Su

MTT: Method, Tactics, Technique

Mastering Live Exploits

Identifying Losing Decisions

Incentives: The Magic Bullet

Matt Berkey: Exploitative Matrix

For The Love Of The Game Theory

The Primer Course

Solvers 101 with Matt Hunt

Hand Classes with Christian Soto

MTT Exploits with Matt Hunt

Check Raise; It's Your Privilege

Matt Berkey: Tournament Blueprint

Man Vs. Machine

MULTIWAYSDOM: A Closer Look at Mistake-Prone Boards in Multiway Pots with Jack Laskey

EXPLORING THE MACRO: Using Educational Theories to Guide Our Poker Study with Matt Hunt

Mastering MTT Structures

CONSTRUCTING SOUND STRATEGIES: Formulating a Plan for Bomb Pots with Jack Laskey

Jack Laskey: Back To Basics

Matt Berkey: Road To The Bowl

Show Your Work

Christian Soto: Terms of Service

Matt Berkey: Teaching Talent

Matt Berkey: High Stakes Hand Review

Poker As a Linguistic Paradigm

Off The Felt: Investment Strategies